Black Friday Sale

2020 US Auto Black Friday

60 FEET FOR $60

Our way of Giving Thanks!

On Friday, November 24th, 2022 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, we’re having our 5th Annual All You Can Carry Sale.

Whatever you can carry 60 feet for $60!!


  • Customer must carry their load 60 feet with their own strength. (No carts, wheel barrows, wagons, bags, boxes, dollies etc.)
  • Customer must carry their load without hitting the ground. Those that touch will be “disqualified”. (Try again, disqualified means start over and give it another shot!)
  • More than one person is allowed to carry the purchase, but you will be charged $60 per person, per trip. Make them count!!
  • All 60 for $60 Sale items will be sold as is- No Refunds.
  • Electrical items (we’re going to be less strict on this rule, this year) & SETS of tires are excluded for the 60 for $60 Sale. All other tires are free game, including our rack tires!
  • No vehicles, motorcycles, go carts, tractors, equipment, etc. Including anything that can/or is titled will be up for grabs. Parts off those vehicles are fine, just not the body as a whole.
  • All customers purchasing regular priced and electrical items will receive 15 percent off their order for Black Friday.
  • All participants will receive a wristband and must sign the 60 for $60 waiver.
  • NO Catalytic Converters.


Those with prior health conditions should not participate in the 60 for $60 Sale.

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